Sometimes the healing adult child’s best choice is to walk away from their parent(s). Sometimes it is the only choice that allows healing.

Our society takes great pride in shaming children who have severed their relationship with their parents. Or worse trying to guilt us into “forgiving” our parent. You know so we can forgive ourselves (wink wink).

No parent must wait for a child’s forgiveness or “return”. And no child must return or forgive. Life is a funny funny thing and everyone copes the best they can.

If anyone truly loves their child they will allow them to travel their own path the way they would like to travel it.

As a “child” who has severed my relationship with my mother I can only say what a great healing it was for me. How free I became and how much I blossomed without my mother in my life.

It has made me strong, resilient and it let me learn true love comes from within and that love can be shared.

Let your daughter go and believe she is better for the freedom. Feel joy that you birthed a strong soul who can walk her path and be strong. Imagine the peace you will find knowing she is happy.

Reader, writer, sentient being

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