It seems odd to me that after not seeing a child for seven years and knowing she was uncomfortable being with you — you “grasp” her and force her into a hug she clearly did not want.

The hardest part of walking away from a parent is the fact that you almost always loose all other family members as well — because of the common notion that one must love their parents regardless of whether that emotion is real or even deserved.

A thousand people have tried to shame me to “making up” with my mother and father….most of them family members who knew all to well the sins of my parents and horrors of being their child.

I am one of the lucky ones who left anyway and have had a wonderful life the only thing I regret is that I did not walk away sooner…still the 35 years of not having my mother in my life has been heavenly.

It is wonderful that you have made peace with the process and are not hurt by your daughter’s choices about living her life. I hope you both have a wonderful experience and enjoy life to its fullest.

Reader, writer, sentient being

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