What 18 month old "is having their own way" when they are raped Kent?

Since god does not exist I can't be impatient with "him". (P.S. Kinda cute how you keep referring to your god as a him...)

Your responses are not facts - they are faith. I don't begrudge you your faith - but please don't present anything you have posted as fact.

You say christians are doing many wonderful things - in reality they are also doing many horrible things around the world which they justify because "their god said so ".

One good list of good acts…

It is hard to have a conversation when so much is said in response to a question. However, after reading your response many times I did gleam one thing you and I have in common.

You "don't know" the answers to any of the questions put forth and neither do I.

I have not reacted in the same way you have to the things in life that seem to be without answers.

You believe in a fictitious being - who is heartless and cruel.

I accept that humans are pretty icky sometimes and do down right horrible things - 'just…

Since most criminals are hims - very easy to scoop them up in a big van and take them to a nice safe place.

This really might be a good solution.

Mother Teresa let the ill and sick die in filth and told them to endure their suffering as Jesus did - yet she died in the finest hospital with plenty of pain medication to ease her suffering.

What a pity the hell she so firmly believed in does not exist...for surely that is where she would be now.

Be thankful, for her sake, that there is no god - no heaven or hell.

Melodie Kate Ford

Reader, writer, sentient being

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